Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A new bike

So, at the moment I have 2 bikes.

One is a Trek T10 'Navigator' which is about 3 years old and well past its best.

The other is a Scott YZ1 'Voltage' which is less than a year old and in good nick.

The Trek has been my loyal friend for these three years, carrying me back and forth daily between Hammersmith and Islington, and now between Victoria and Islington. It was a real bargain at £200, but it doesn't do off-road terribly well, and this is something I want to start getting my kids into enjoying.

I never really liked the Scott, almost from the moment I got it. I made the mistake of choosing it online - from the Cycle to Work scheme at my last workplace, and it was not the right bike for me. It can definitely handle off-road, but doesn't function as a commuter. I'm hoping to get £200 for it (perhaps part-exchange) and have been offered £150 from a cycle dealer.

I'm willing to spend around £500, but I am in a dilemma as to which bike I should go for.


Bronie said...

I have recently purchased a GT Avalanche 1.0 with dart rock shocks as I have started to do some mountain biking events, although still a novice my new GT allows me to lock the shocks off so it can be ridden on the road without loosing any power through the shocks. I must say I love it!! I am also about to buy shoes that will clip into my pedals allowing me power both on the push and pull of the pedal. I wonder how many times I will fall of my bike with my feet still clipped in????

Anonymous said...

I would say that if you are looking for speed on the road and the versatility/robustness off road a Genesis Day 01 would be an ideal choice. Road bike design and weight combined with the sturdiness of a mountain bike. It also looks good on the road, even splattered with mud!!! Another suggestion, if you like your hybrid to have gorgeous Italian design on the road, then a Bianchi Camaleonte is definetley for you. It's a speed of a speed merchant on the road but also without a doubt holds its own off road. From the Marin range I would suggest the Lucas Valley (£699), the Sausalito is a very good performer and sleak on the road but can be a bit unmanageable on the off road circuit. My only other suggestion would be to look at some of the Giant City bike range. Very very reliable bikes and highly efficient when ploughing through traffic riddled streets or slip slidding and skidding through the mud. Anyway good luck with your quest for the ultimate bike in both worlds!!