Thursday, 6 September 2007

Broken camera

UPDATE 2 - 9/9/07

Well, it was an amazing shop, really old school, just stuffed with lenses and camera parts, and two blokes hunched over a workbench. I was told that the camera would need a new focus mechanism and that this would cost £79 plus VAT.

So I went and bought a new Samsung L700 from Curry's for a ton, and gave the old one to my mate, who reckons he can fix it. I remain to be convinced.

UPDATE - 7/9/07

Well, if you know me, you can probably guess how the repair went...

Those screws are tiny and I lost the first one I took out almost immediately. Ho hum.

I am going to pay a visit to these guys later on.

I feel a tad pissed off because my camera is broken. No biggy in the scheme of things I know, but I have been starting to really enjoy taking pictures and posting them to Flickr.

I bought the camera, a Nikon Coolpix P2, back in February for £109. It's not particularly high spec, and I admit that I never even used the big selling point of the Wi-Fi connectivity. But, it did more than enough for me.

I dropped it (more than once, as it goes) and finally it came up with a Lens Error message which I couldn't make go away. I took it back to the shop for repair, but alas there is much evidence of the drops it has endured, so it would 'fall' outside the warranty terms for free repair. Get this though. The rather severe lady behind the counter told me that a repair would cost anything between £150 and £200! Where is the sense in that? The damn thing only cost a one-er when I bought it.

"That's the thing with digitals," she said, "lenses, displays, you've had it. Sorry."

What a load of bollocks. Anyway, I've bought a set of watchmaker's screwdrivers and I'm going to have a bash myself. Nothing to lose after all.


cigale2007 said...

it's a shame for your camera but you're clumsy aren't you?You should try and fix it, you're right, too many goods are just thrown away. this site you found will help. Few months ago, the washing machine stopped working. Error d117 says the electronic bullshit. On the leaflet, it says error d117? : Call the man in Casablanca, it will cost you 1 euro per minute... I called. He said, a technician will call back. He did. He said. Where are you? you're out of range for our service apr├Ęs vente - he wasn't in Casa this one but in Toulouse. It's 70 euros just to take my car and knock at your door. I said, fuck off. Gael went to a site, he said on Google 'how to fix a d117 break down on that machine" millions of answer and he found a man who explained exactly how to do it. For free! So try! otherwise you can send it to my place, we have a bunch of old men who love fixing just about everything. When there's a broken machine or tool around, they meet up in the village and talk about it for hours, and then, the bloody think works!

cigale2007 said...

broken ribs.. broken tibia... broken radius... just try it!

Myeral said...

I have always been clumsy, and I'm so excited by a new toy that I can't wait to get it out and play with it. Oh no, missus! I tried a repair, but lost one of the unfeasibly tiny screws immediately. I have found a shop in Soho (Pamela Popo) which looks promising. I am going to try tomorrow. I will send Steven Gerrard's broken tarsal in the post.


marie said...

Pamela Popo sounds good