Thursday, 27 September 2007


Picture courtesy BBC

From today's Guardian: "I was absolutely flabbergasted by that performance," said Ferguson. "I did not expect that at all. I am not interested in giving reasons or mitigating circumstances. It was just a very bad performance."

Heh heh.


marie said...

it seems almost impossible to make a comment on your last post, so i'm using this old football space to tell you the second or third part of my kafkaesque adventure, which started on Flickr and seems to carry on on your blog... As i said, i wanted to write a comment on the irritations post but, as i clicked on the comment link, the screen started flashing,internet explorer went bananas and my eyes fell out and in of their sockets in rythm... i switched everything off, using the keys as the mouse went nuts too, walked around the table, grabed a beer and started all over again, starting this time by a short stop at the David what's his name link. And there , fucked again and ads for shoes,casinos... i went back, out of breath, to the safety and comfort of your home page, ready to feed my comment- which was on flickr, à la base- with my new experience, when it went mad again: so i ran back, and down quickly to the football post, and here i am. Tired, out of breath and ready pour de nouvelles aventures... if you, or you, or you hear of any such adventures, please be kind to let me know that i am not alone.

Myeral said...

have you run a virus check? Cleaned up your disk?

marie said...

done it!automatically for virus but i do it manually every now and then and i've cleaned the disk last week, made some space, dé started again now when i wanted to read your comment: again, clic clic clic and i had to turn the all thing off. I doesn't happen anywhere else but on your blog, so far...What about yersteday's pictures?

Myeral said...

Seriously. Firefox seems like your best option. Sounds like you're getting spam to the max, and FF can cut this out. What was the next part of your Flickr/Kafka/Yahoo hell?