Friday, 14 September 2007

Weekly irritations

Picture via Wikipedia - Andrew Ward (glafRo4s) from Biddeford, United States

Random irritations day has been delayed. Glad to see that I am now listed on the Best Ian Hyland Posts aggregator, as my opinion of him as a fifth rate hack is now being registered automatically.

Anyway, to press on. Random irritations last week:

Naomi Klein in the Guardian. Now, I happen to agree with many of NK's views, and it is perhaps a good thing that debate is being raised on some of the issues on which she speaks so eloquently, but... To echo some of the points made on CiF this week, she is somehow glossy. And the way the Guardian is running this whole Shock Doctrine thing seems to be self-contradictory. It comes across as an extended book plug. Also, a poster on MeFi said that reading NK's work felt like listening to Alanis Morisette. Heh.
Next up - High School Musical. Need I say more?

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