Friday, 2 November 2007

Blair Dick Escape

You've got to hand it to these people, haven't you? Clearly, the way to win promotion in the Met is to screw up royally, so if you want to head straight for the top, why not arrange for your officers to shoot an innocent man in the head - 7 times - on a tube train?

Though the guilty verdict against the Met in the De Menezes case is welcome, I can't understand why the jury felt the need to insert the rider that Cressida Dick was not personally culpable. I mean, was she in charge of the operation or not? Did she give four conflicting orders to the teams of gun-toting thugs at her disposal within a couple of minutes just prior to the shooting, or not?

Clearly, London's top bobby, Sir Ian Blair, views her handling of the job in an extremely favourable light, having recently promoted her to Deputy Assistant Commissioner, a post which is almost certainly considerably higher-powered than it sounds. But then, Sir Ian leads by example, doesn't he? The only man in the entire force not to know about the details of the shooting till the following day. What was he doing, sticking his head down the toilet and shouting "La la la la la! I'm not coming out. You can't make me! La la la la la!"?

Anyway, 'Cress' was previously promoted as a result of the work she did on Operation Trident, which as anyone will accept, has been a resounding success, what with the massive decline in gun crime we have seen.
So, Blair will not resign. He's going back to the Yard to get on with his job. Obviously, there's a lof of sticking your head in the toilet and shouting to be done. As well as wasting public money, promoting useless people and smearing the innocent dead. He has also (naturally) received the full support of Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown, the latter a Jedi master compared to Blair the young Skywalker in achieving promotion through blatant incompetence and cronyism.

Jean Charles de Menezes will not rest in peace. May the terrible tragedy of his death continue to dog the steps of those bastards responsible for it.


Tony Petrie said...

Not quite sure what this has to do with Manchester City, but I couldn't agree more with everything you have said. When I first heard about the shooting I turned to my wife and said, "I hope to God that they've got their facts right" Clearly, they didn't and DeMenzies' shooting proves that the establishment can shoot innocent people, hide behind the terrorist threat and then discredit them by suggesting that they were high on drugs. When "New" Labour won in 1997 we were all under the impression that things were going to improve. Remember that bastard Prescott's cheeks puffing away as he danced to D Ream's Things can only get better at their victory dance? We are quick to denounce Pakistan as being uncivilised and a military dictatorship, but all we are is an elected distatorship.

Myeral said...

It has fuck all to do with Man City, you're right, but I find it difficult to restrict myself to that subject entirely. There are a few blogs out there which do that far better than I could. I'm happy you agree with me, but increasingly depressed at the state of things. Apparently, there are 2,000 terrorists waiting to kill us all. It says so in the paper.