Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Nerdy happyhood

Load of old buses

I thought it would be interesting to review some statistics.

Up to now I:

Have posted 82 times to this blog
Have updated on Twitter 106 times
Have 1329 songs in my iTunes library (up to date on nuTsie)
Am storing 1480 pictures on my external hard drive
Have put 176 pics on Flickr and 133 on Zooomr
Have contributed 3 posts, 28 comments to MeFi, 1 post and 3 comments to MetaTalk, 4 questions and 8 answers to Ask MeFi
Have posted 15 comments to CiF
Have posted only 3 videos to YouTube
Have edited 3 sections of Wikipedia

During the 11 months I have worked for Channel 4, I have completed a total of 1462.9 hours of work, at an average of 29.5 hours per week. The highest number of hours I have worked in any week is 38.7.

Does the fact that I really like all this stuff qualify me as a nerd?


marie said...

oulala tu travailles pas beaucoup toi!

Myeral said...

C'est dure dure d'etre un bebe