Friday, 9 November 2007

Pompey dread

I once visited Southsea. It wasn't closed, but it may as well have been - no offence to anyone who is unfortunate enough to live there. We were on holiday in Bognor (I know, I know...) and somehow had managed to exhaust the seemingly bottomless pool of fun there, so we went into Southsea one day for a change. It was quite a dreary place, post naval and with little to do. The beach was stony, but there were some nice ships or boats or whatever floating around. We had an ice cream on the front, played the penny arcades and then left. That was that.

On the way there, we went past Fratton Park, and I was imagining how different the whole place would have been during the footy season. There's something about Pompey which I just don't like. It's not Harry, because I do kind of like him. It's not the town - I don't know it well, but I have worked with a few people from there and they seemed all right. It's probably because they usually beat us. Anyway, they're preferable to Southampton.

Lawro predicts 2-1 Pompey, and I fear he may be not far off the mark. Geddit??!!?

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