Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Can I ask one question?

Is it appropriate to attend a work celebration drink for someone if you don't work with them? Here are two examples:

Jack got made redundant from the Big Ears Co. about a year ago. During that year, a one-time colleague, who has remained a very good friend, achieved 10 years' service, which entails a presentation and a party. Jack is invited to the celebration by the line manager who carried out the unpleasant duty of making him redundant. Should he go along?

Paco has been working at the Mini Juice company for 17 years, and his time has come to move on to a sister company. There will be a leaving celebration and Paco has invited his friends Jack and Stuart, who don't work with him, but are good friends, along. Is it right that these guys should accept the invitation?

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