Monday, 10 December 2007


Well, it never looked likely that Ricky Hatton would beat Pretty Boy, but the hype has been so massive and the support so impressive that many people believed that it just might have been. But it wasn't.

I am a fan of boxing, despite the fact that I think it's very dangerous, and really I know it to be morally wrong. When I watch a good boxing match though, I forget all about that and really get into the visceral, man against man - against nature itself - stuff. I didn't stay up or get up early to catch the fight. I wouldn't have considered paying £15 for it, even if it had been on at a reasonable hour of the day or night. From what I've read this morning, it was a treat for boxing fans, a 'masterclass' by Floyd Mayweather; ten rounds of holding and breaking. There are some great shots of Hatton starfished in the red corner in the papers today.

When all's said and done, it just wasn't to be. Which kind of sums up Ricky's football team, doesn't it? Despite an almost total lack of attacking options (Vassell preferred up front to Samaras says it all really) and Elano continuing to sit out the worst of the English winter, it still took some serious luck and cheating for Spurs to beat us yesterday, from what I can gather of last night's MOTD2 coverage and the Grauniad write-up. How anyone, let alone a supposedly professional ref, could have let the Chimbonda goal stand, is beyond me. As is Sven's zen-like attitude at the moment. Cool is not the word for it, and there is something distasteful about cracking Theo Walcott jokes like some prodigal David Blunkett.

If I hadn't have been otherwise engaged, I would have been at the Lane yesterday, sitting in the Spurs end. Thank god for that other engagement. We had 2 shots on target the whole game, and I fear...

It's gonna be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold
It's gonna be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It'll be cold, so cold...

Without you.


marie said...

did you have a very high temperature when you put this video on your blog or was it just after eating tons of garlic?

Don Cake said...

Dear Sir,

Re: Mr Hatton.

I believe the pugilist in question was mis-led by his advisors as any sooth-sayer worth his salt would recommend the fight to have been staged on the 26th of December.
An error of judgment worthy of the Crimea.


Don Cake

Myeral said...

Dear sir

Though a common misconception, the 26th of December is not known as Boxing Day because of the pugilist's art, but because the landed gentry and their ilk would put food, logs(!) etc. into boxes and distribute such to the poor.

P.E. Dant

Anonymous said...


I fear you have mis-read my intentions in the manner of a Mancunian Angelo Dundee. As any schoolboy knows the 26th December is known in the American Southern States as the Feast of St Titfer and that good weather on said day brings forth the wrath of the good Saint. The intimations are clear.


dON caKE

Myeral said...

Mr. Cake

My profound apologies. Hatton deserves the tatting he took, and you are right.

In a Mancunian accent I say: I'm blowing it, son, I'm blowing it.

Blog author