Monday, 3 December 2007


Well, the tree's gone up. It seems to be more or less permanently dark. Oxford Street is pedestrianised, and groups of people are sitting in pubs with paper hats on. In 22 days, the whole revolting package-fest will be in full swing, and we will be forced to try and outdo each other in our relentless consumerist quest.

In order to keep myself from sinking too far into the slough of despond, I'm going to start a new project on here. Each post up to JC's soi-disant birthday will contain a link to an item of egregious opulence. Items for sale which are not only obscenely expensive, but which are also totally unnecessary under any circumstances. I'm starting with this:

The world's most expensive dog collar, valued at $1.8m.

Not only that, there will be around 2 games a week leading into the new year. It doesn't look too promising for City after Saturday's display, I have to say. Titus Bramble is..., well, Titus Bramble, and you have to laugh, but after that (28 seconds on the clock) we created nothing else, and Wigan could easily have fulfilled Lawro's prediction of the result.

Dubya shows what he thinks of Frank's ideas for the January transfer market.

No doubt Sven will be peering in his (or someone else's more likely) stocking for signs of largesse from Santa Sinatra. More dirty money will be flung at someone like Stephen Crouch's agent in the January transfer window, but by then I think it will be a little too late.

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