Monday, 17 December 2007

Trotters for tea

Taking the City

Bit tasty that was, eh?

Coming back from 2 down to win 4-2. Oh yes. I'll have nothing said about Rolando's snood. Not a word, now that he's settling in to the Manchester way of life at last.

And of course Liverpool bought the Katie. Just a shame that it was the Rags wot done it. I was hoping for either a nil nil or a 3-3 in that one, and similar for Arsenal/Chelsea, but you can't always get your druthers, can you?

Another bleeding interview today, which I think went reasonably well - at least better than the last one I did. Maybe by the middle of next year I'll have had enough practice to qualify as a decent interviewee. I don't think I did enough to get the job, and I'm not all that sure I want it, in any case. Time will tell, and I expect to find out later today. After that, not much till mid January now.

A merry fookin Xmas to one and all.

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