Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Toffee nosed arses

Done up like a kipper again.

There's something about David Moyes' lack of eyebrowage that I find vaguely unsettling, something about his team's style of play which I find totally tedious. I knew - naturally - that we were going to lose last night. It was in the runes. And then, whichever knobhead it was on 5 Live had to go and mention that Peter Reid was in the crowd. You may notice that the primate above does not feature a dick or balls, though it probably swears like Sweary Mary used to in the Winchester Hall Tavern:

"Just spoke to me son on the phone..." she would say, before adding: "Little cunt."

All of which was fairly shocking from a lady in her 70s.

I wouldn't mind, but we were absolutely shite. Explain that, Mr Hansen and crowd.

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frank rich said...

Why not just change the name of your blog to: "I like to complain about people and things."?