Tuesday, 2 September 2008


It's the god's honest truth that when I arrived at work yesterday, I had no idea of the incredible events which were about to unfold. Which makes my Twitter tweet for that day and time seem almost spooky. Looking back, I had read that Frank had been in discussion with some of his oil-rich mates about a financing deal for the club, but had dismissed it as the usual hokum which seems to surround him (and us) wherever he (and we) go.

But, it was true. On the day that Ramadan began (as per my update yesterday to Sunday's post) and on the day that Gustav decided to show mercy to the residents along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, on the day that a third body was discovered in the burnt out shell of a house in Maesbrook, on the day that the GOP revealed that Bristol Palin (Bristol Palin, FFS?) was pregnant, the dread hand of Abu Dhabi stretched out and slammed a shockwave through the already insane world of the Premier League, and the even more lunatic fringe of the beloved Blues.

I had been carrying my City shirt in my cycle bag for several days, was thinking of wearing it yesterday morning to celebrate the win over the Mackems, but forgot. I was already happy that we had managed to snare back SWP (as per Sunday's post) and thought that getting shot of Corluka was probably the right thing to do. Zabaleta seemed a bonus, and I was even beginning to live with the reality of Sparky's tenure. And then. Bang! I met a bloke in Holloway, who recognised me by my City shirt, and he came over and shook my hand. I said:

"What a day, eh?" He smiled and nodded.
"We've put in a bid for Berbatov," I said.
"Haven't you heard?" he replied, "An Arab consortium has bought us out!"
"I know," I sighed, "We've put in a £34 million bid for Berbatov. Last I heard, Spurs had accepted it."
"Fffuckin ell!" he snorted and walked away after shaking my hand again.


kim il-sung said...

Sorries for not being a post man soon, but my sonny is sick at the moment.
I am boiling mith magma for the fact that the screaming abdabs have shopped our immortal belovely Rayners. Where is the redistribution of the wealth that we once practiced? What other team would pay 20 million pence for Steve Reeves?

Myeral said...

I pray that the mighty one will soon recover his posty skills, for the landscape is indeed barren without the words of wisdom dispensed so munificently.