Saturday, 20 September 2008


Sending a signal

A kid in a candy shop could go either way; scarf everything in sight till the vomit comes rising into the mouth, or become so overwhelmed with the choices that he is stunned into inaction - forever dithering over the bewildering choice in front of him. I knew it would happen. It had to. Now I don't know where to turn first, and will be forever stuck in a loop.

Up to now (in order) there was always:

my Gmail account and then (depending on the contents thereof):
any new tweets;
then Flickr;
then this blog.

And always climaxing with music. Sweet music.

Which leads me down its dusky highways to who knows where. It's a wonderful, mysterious adventure...

But that's an aside. The elephant in the room these days is Facebook. It's an incredibly powerful thing, a hyper-fast networking tool, and a revealer of awful truths. The past does not lie when it stares you in the face, and those who were there will have no truck with your bullshit, my friend. Oh no. I still can't quite come to terms with it. People at work have asked to become my friends, but I have so far chosen to ignore them, because some other of my FB friends could easily post something (whether it be in word or picture form) which would compromise my, erm, integrity in the office.

Some names and faces have swum out of the ether, from the mists of the almost forgotten, and seeing and hearing them has caused a whole rush of memories. In some ways, I wish I had never joined, though I am impressed by the slick interfaces and ease of use. As I knew it would, it has to an extent taken over, and those other online loves of my life have suffered as a result. But I know just as well that I will never be able to stop.

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