Monday, 27 October 2008


Now I'll freely admit that the news of Ramos' sacking and the midnight installation of Uncle Arry was big news. Even in the context of the current lunacy of the game, and the ongoing drama at the Lane, this was pretty hectic. Reading the match reports today, and watching the oleaginous David Bentley being interviewed by Gabby Logan, I'm convinced that the whole Spurs being totally Efan Ekuku thing was down to a player revolt in protest at Juande's dietary restrictions on them. They can be sure now that they'll be allowed back on the jellied eels and rubies, so they'll start twinkling their multi-million pound toes again. Plus, the dead cat bounce that gave Spurs their first league win of the season was also I suppose relatively interesting.

I'll even admit that Liverpool (bastards!) ending Chelsea's 'magnificent' record (I'm so sick of hearing the tributes to that already) of home wins probably merited their inclusion at the head of the running order on MOTD2. I fail to understand why the City highlights were on last, however. What with the clocks going back, I was fairly tired and was forcing myself to stay awake and catch Robinho's fantastic hat trick, only to find that we had been relegated to the end of the programme, just before the lame '2 Good, 2 Bad' bit. Sodding West Ham/Arsenal, bloody Wigan/Villa and even fucking Portsmouth/Fulham made it on before we did. There's no justice, I tells ya. Then again, it was only Stoke. Sorry Charlie.

In any case, a good win at home, and a small bit of breathing space between us and the bottom of the table. I'm not convinced though, and don't think I will be until Hughes goes.


kim il-sung said...

Veracity is so! Mr Huge, if you cut him, will bleed RED. RED! If you were to cut Steve Reeves HE WOULD NOT BLEED AT ALL! Indeed, he would take your knife and swallow it, saying how delicious it was and,please sir, could he have some more.
If you were to chop Fanny Lee into 5 pieces, his wounds would scab over within a matter of minutes, and his corpse would remain un-corrupted for eternity!
Also and moreover, if you were to take NeilIanOrr and bury him to his neck and cover his head with honey and pour Amazonion Ants upon him he would think it as a stroll through botanical gardens! If you did same to Mr Huge he would cry like big baby!

s ring said...

I say, it's total crap