Sunday, 12 October 2008


Thanks to for the image above.

I have been suffering from writer's block over the past week or so, and offer my apologies for the lack of posts. The block was brought on by two things:

1) World events were developing so rapidly that most of what I was writing was immediately subsumed by the tide of reality.

2) Work has been insane, with the instigation of the new Department of Energy and Climate Change having a major impact on my brain and body.

I can't see either of those things easing off any time soon, but I have been determined to contribute to the Blog Action Day on poverty taking place on October 15th, so I am preparing a post for that now. These are apt times to be talking about poverty, sad to say, as are all times.

But please excuse me first while I take some duck tape and lash it around the mouths of Sirs Bono and Bob Geldof.



jemima puddleduck said...

For your information, sir, Mr Vox and Mr Geldof are strong supporters of poultry rights. Unlike yourself with your flagrant advoction of duck tape.

Mr Fox said...

I'm a fan of poultry right enough.

F Loxy said...

I'm a fan of Mr Fox.

F News said...

I'm a Red Sox fan

j fingers said...

I'm a fan of the Boomtown Rats