Saturday, 18 October 2008

Who cares?

The almost total lack of response to my last post clearly cannot be anything to do with the writing style, which was, I'm sure you'll agree, as sharp and incisive as ever. As with my beloved MeFi (which is admittedly US-centric, so posts tend to raise interest if they're about US politics (I couldn't help seeing the similarities between that interview and the hilarious Steve McClaren dodgy Dutch piece, BTW) Apple, Google or gaming) I've noticed that - alas - poverty doesn't sell sell sell.

So who does care? Really.

GB has been talking (the usual shite) about demanding price cuts at the petrol pump, while Ed is simultaneously bleating on about reducing carbon emissions by 80%. It just doesn't wash. As my dad said:

"If you put the whole lot of 'em in a sack and shook 'em up, you still wouldn't get one decent one out of it."

This very issue was being mooted on the Moral Maze last night on Radio 4 (yes, I really do have a crazy life) and I was unsure what the conclusion was. That's the trouble. There's often a great deal of fascinating discussion, but nothing ever seems to come of it. It's all talk. Plus, I fell asleep before it finished.

At least the footy will keep us interested. Up the Potters!

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