Monday, 10 November 2008

Up and down

Let's say nothing about Sunday's game. Other than GET HUGHES THE FUCK OUT! NOW!!!1 Whatever the hell was going on when he was appointed, I'll never know, and I can't stomach Mark Bright's smugness about City much longer.

But I won't go on about it. Just another weekend fucked, just another Sunday when I don't want to watch MOTD2 and just another Monday when I don't want to buy the Gruaniad for a lengthy perusal of the game stats and the tables. Just another shit week of pissing rain and freezing winds and hellish days at work unleavened by the small comfort of reliving a win. Thanks a lot Sparky for saying "The form is good." The form is good? What planet are you on, boyo? Fuckwit.

Anyway, no point in ranting about the Welsh rag git and his band of overpaid underperforming so-called stars putting in another piss-poor performance, only this time at home, with two players sent off (why the hell is Gelson Fernandes in the team (or any team for that matter) BTW?) No fucking point in the slightest.

So, I will move on. My observation for today is on the ovine nature of the human race. Yesterday, I went for my usual Sunday swim at Cally Pool. The pool is divided into slow, medium and fast lanes (For the record, I always stick to the middle lane, being neither too fast nor too slow) with the latter usually taken over for swimming lessons on Sunday mornings. Yesterday, for some reason, the fast lane was open for the dolphins among us until quite late, when one of the attendants came over and set out the 'Lane Closed - Lessons In Progress' sign. At the same time, he moved the directional notice in front of the other two lanes, so that the flow of swimming was now to be clockwise instead of anti-clockwise. I was halfway down the lane when this happened and could see those ahead of me suddenly bunching together at the wall. As I approached, I could hear some murmurings and was amazed when I finally approached the end that everyone had decided we must reverse our direction and follow the exhortation on the holy sign. There was no good reason to do this, but everyone did. Christ knows why.

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