Friday, 12 December 2008

Geese A-Laying

Boot Hill

I have an odd feeling. It's as if I've been waiting for a golden egg all these months, and now all I want to do is strangle the goose (fnarr fnarr).

Since January I have been acting as senior manager for the facilities department while the transition from in-house to outsourced service takes place. It has been a crazy and enjoyable adventure with loads of ups and loads of downs. Areas where I thought I would struggle have been a breeze, while unexpected crises have arisen willy-nilly.

55 Whitehall

Things changed a couple of weeks ago when the name of the successful company was announced (although the alarming dip in their share price over the last 6 months or so does give one pause for thought - especially given the amount of investment which will be required on this contract) and noises were made about me having a place in the brave new world with them. I have raised my profile just enough to be noticed by the right people, and have managed to avoid the worst of the blame for the inevitable cock-ups, so - I am told - the new company are very keen to talk to me.

But... I begin to wonder. For various reasons. First, and obviously, is that there will be a shift in my loyalties from client side to contractor side. Although, working in FM these days, I am always serving 'the customer' it will be a first for me to actually be employed by an FM contracting company, though I do realise that this is becoming more and more the norm. What also changes is my relationship with my boss, who can be a very hard task mistress (oo-er) indeed. Whereas up to now her aims have largely been my aims, this paradigm will shift as I seek to protect the commercial interests of the company I work for whilst continuing to pay my fealty to the client. Believe me, this woman has a very sharp tongue and a very hard boot on her foot when it comes to dealing with contractors, and I worry that I will fall short of the exacting standards she expects.

Nant Alyn Road

Second, and perhaps more difficult to deal with, is the fact that I'm scared of the commitment such a step would entail. Now that I have had the good fortune to shin my way up the greasy pole a little, the expectation will be for more and greater things, and that can only mean increased exposure in the harsh spotlight of the corporate world. Being a temp imparts something of an air of the maverick, a feeling that I can just walk away whenever I feel that I've had enough (not that I would, in all probability, because I'm just not like that) and strike out in a new and exciting venture. That will not be the case should I decide to take on a long-term role heading up part of a 15 year contract.

I guess I have until after Christmas to decide.

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