Thursday, 1 January 2009

You can count on me

Out of the dark
Not wishing to tempt fate, as this is written in advance of publication, I'm still apparently alive, and would like to wish a happy 2009 to you all by continuing to spout my inane drivel for as long as my arthritic fingers are able to bash away at the keys.

To begin the year, a subject which is a personal favourite (though not so with some sections of my readership) and a statistical update. I was successful in completing 100 posts for this last year, to go with the 100 in the truncated year in which I started blogging. I am worryingly satisfied with the symmetry of this, but there you go. There could be worse things to be obsessive about, I guess.

I have had less success with my Flickr photos and Twitter posts, where I currently stand at 889 and 736 respectively. It feels important for me to complete rounded numbers for each site where I am able to control the result myself (the - pathetically small - number of hits on this blog for example, would be exempt from this rounding requirement) so I will see where I am before the year turns and try and stop at an appropriate point.

I'm never going to reach 1,000 pictures on Flickr, and I almost feel reluctant to go beyond 900 now. Another point which is nagging at me is that there are several sets of numbers for the Flickr account, depending on who is accessing it. Although I see 889 photos, the public see less (534) those in my family (882) and those of my friends (779) all see different totals.

As for the sublime Twitter, it seems unlikely (I'm no Chris Applegate or Stephen Fry) that I will even get to 800 tweets, so may opt to stop at 750, though even that seems optimistic right now.

A relatively new kid on the block for me is YouTube, where I have posted 60 vids in total, though again, a large majority of these are not available for all to see.

All in all, it's been an average year, speaking from an internet profile point of view, with some encouraging stats on my Flickr pics but a disappointingly low response level on the blog. I know that I have had less time to lavish on my posts, so that may go some way to explaining things. In any case, I still harbour fantasies of being able to Kottke-ise my life, despite the worrying world financial situation, an dlook forward to that life on the beach with a wireless iMac, a panama hat and a pipe. Here's to 2009.

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