Wednesday, 19 August 2009



It is taking me some time to attain the right frame of mind and the necessary space to actually put finger to key and bash out something about my trip away. I kept a journal whilst sojourning, but translating what's worth it from that to the page is actually proving to be quite an arduous task. I need to give myself a dose of the Enid Blytons and just discipline (is there a connection between discipline and disciple, I wonder idly, thinking that of course there must be...) myself.

I have decided (for numerological reasons) that the best strategy is to divvy up the doodlings I spewed forth whilst in the New Flower into Pedigree Chum (as opposed to Cesar) sized portions, so that I maximise the number of posts. However, I am keen to capture the newness of what I saw, so that I do not editorialise too greatly. Hindsight and all that bollocks.

So, here went. Episode 1.

GATWICK - 2/8/09 - 19:00

"There's always the air bar with a pint I lost my fucking cash card (again!) (£3.00) wondering if I've

Realised that I left a loaf of bread and a pack of crumpets in the bread bin when starting a journey these days. Will my bags arrive at the other end?

So far so good if the guy comes round to check the flat like he said he would harbouring dreams of being called forward once I get on board, but that isn't likely to happen. in, I will have to chill out before going in to work when I get back sitting in the brought enough money with me. Didn't help that on Friday night of course, but there's not much I can do about that now.

Gatwick is a much easier airport than Heathrow, recovering from the flight and all I have to say. I did arrive nice and early - which always helps - and am now

, so will have to ask that they get thrown away - . My other concern is the limited length of time (how sad was I? Worrying about getting back before I've even gone out??!!) The Friday will be a wash-out, what with t recovering from the flight and all, and that only leaves Saturday and Will there be delays? Will I get through security?

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