Sunday, 11 October 2009

Day of Decision

I couldn't make up my mind about going to the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park today. Well, that's actually a rather major lie. I made my mind up NOT to go there as soon as I saw the armies of tee shirted volunteers spreading out around the Holloway/Tollington Road junction yesterday morning.

You may possibly be aware that organised religion does not play a major part in my life, though I was warmly touched by Rowan Williams' gesture (BTW, isn't 'orotund' a marvellous word?) the other day, coming in as it did for such pathetic opprobrium. How dare a man of god question war? Really!

I do find myself getting a little irked at the harmless Presbyterians (or whatever they are) trying to coax me into a Thursday lunchtime session at their chapel as I meander back from my baguette munching in the park, but this UCKG lot really do get my goat.

Foremost among their list of crimes is of course the exorcism shit, and the involvement of one of their pastors in the Victoria Climbie case. Any organisation which can foster this kind of crap needs to be closed down with immediate effect, is all I can say.

In addition to that, they have taken over the building mentioned above, and are now looking to get their claws into another in Walthamstow - though not without a fight. But really, I just can't stand the way they are so damn well prepared. Aforementioned volunteers were all uniformed up, with the burning D for Decision Day logo prominently displayed on their chests; the printed material of the very highest quality, and the whole thing smacking of a military operation. Where the hell do they get their money from? Bastards.

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