Thursday, 29 October 2009


I've just spent a day (more or less) sitting in a room listening to bullshit. I needed that like a hole in the blooming fuselage, let me tell ya. Anyway, the primary aim of the day was to work out how to make a couple of people do less 'work' than the negligible amount they already get paid a fortune for, er, doing. What's worse: these two people had (I suspect) orchestrated the day in the first place, but also had the brass neck to sit there whilst everyone (in between the coffees and the egg sandwiches) worked out how to take away even more of their pointless and overpaid existence, leaving them free to... Something.

Clearly, nobody could understand why these (state funded, I feel I must add) worthies should be bothered with the mundanities of everyday life, concerned as they are with the fundamental and vital issues of relationship management.

I don't rile easily, but my tether was stretched by one of them (tightly-curled redhead, incidentally) I have to admit. I struggled to empathise with her complaints of dealing with idiots who fail to understand just how things should be done. I was too far away from the Powerpoint and flipcharts to see clearly the baby blues of my boss as he effortlessly segued into consultation gags at the same time as tossing put-downs over his shoulder, too concerned with the doodle on my notepad and the filth on the window to actually give a shit.

It's strange to be betwixt and between.

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