Friday, 27 November 2009

I'm Going Outside Now

Nant Alyn Road

So, in this constant whirlwind of change, I have once again completed a revolution of the carousel. After a lunch of fish and chips in the staff restaurant (so that I will be able to say 'so long and thanks for all the fish') and a humorous cake which was decorated half in City blue and half in Rag red, I was nicely presented with a City shirt, bottle of Jameson, bottle of shampoo and vouchers for House of Fraser, WH Smith and HMV (thankfully, not Borders) I can report that the civil service/Interserve crowd are a damn sight more generous than the C4 lot were. Sorry C4 lot! You were very nice people, just as tight as gnats' chuffs.

And it's on to the pub for a drink or two, and then into the twilight I will go, the alarm on my mobile phone disabled, and an uncertain future ahead.

I did receive an interesting call about a possible job in Abu Dhabi - just a couple of days before the shocking news about Dubai broke. Since the call, I have heard nothing further, but - should the CV be interesting enough, and should the crisis in the middle east not spread any further, which doesn't seem all that likely, I must say - will be thinking about a (phone, sorry to say) interview for that role before too long. Immediate canvassing of the family about this has not been 100% positive, let's say, but I do feel that I would have to pursue it at least. Not too sure how I would feel about living and working in such a place.

To sum it up: freedom and fear.

Toodle pip!


Michael said...

Good luck.

Myeral said...

Think I'm going to need it.

Myeral said...

Err, meant to type 'thanks' also. Sorry about that.