Friday, 18 December 2009

Fair play or Saint Bartholomew

I was thinking of taking in a match tomorrow. My kids said the other day:

"Why do you never take us to football matches, Daddy?"

I could have answered that a) I never go myself anymore and b) that they would undoubtedly be bored after about 10 minutes, being as they are totally uninterested in the beautiful game.

It would have to be a lower league match, you understand. I'm just disappointed that Orient are playing at Walsall, as that would have been my match of choice. You can forget the Premier League for a walk-up ticket, especially as Fulham are hosting the Rags. Championship games in the capital (QPR v Sheffield Utd and Palace v Barnsley) don't look particularly attractive, due to the fact that I don't like either Loftus Road (a soulless ground) or Selhurst Park (a nightmare to get to and from, not improved by the sight of the world's largest kebab spinning in one of the many shops on the interminable walk to the ground from the station, which of course is NOT Selhurst Park, and a horrible ground to watch a game in) so I've been looking at a potentially spicy affair.


Although not West Ham grade, this is a fixture often notable for the wrong reasons, and which for those reasons will mean that getting a ticket in the Jimmy Seed stand will be nigh on impossible.

Maybe my high flying dreams of going to watch some football tomorrow will not be realised after all. Ah well. Saint Bartholomew would have understood.

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