Monday, 18 January 2010


Due to a very minor ironic twist, I ended up in Walthamstow on Friday, but I did not get there by bike. Rather I was on the bus. On the way to a little job - little being the operative word, and I think it unlikely to cause the taxman too many concerns - with a good friend and one-time business associate. The interminable ride on the 230 did not exactly inspire me to follow up with a cycle, although I have never been to the market before, and it might be worth seeing that.

We were feeding some CAT6 cables to the head end of the sound system within a church; one of those massively popular places that seem to be able to deny the realities of credit crunch Britain as if protected by some divine power... No, wait...

Anyway, it was good to be doing something which did not result in a net outpouring of funds for a change. Although introduced as 'one of our top technicians' I betrayed my woeful lack of knowledge about all things jumpered and patched, and although we wasted about 13 metres of good cable, the job was done to the client's satisfaction, meaning that we were at last rewarded with the IP address displayed on the command line. I assure you that I was not conducting some kind of anti-religious dirty protest, but I managed to spread copious amounts of dog shit from the bottom of my shoe around most of the establishment. I sincerely hope that this will not mean that no further business will be done.

And there's the thing. Further business. Much needed at present, so if you want something done, why not consider Solar Organic? We are in the business of solutions, and always provide value by design, so give us a go. I will check my shoe thoroughly before entering your home or place of work, I promise. Even though it might mean that I'm reverting to my blue collar roots, and eschewing the protection of Messrs Brown and Cameron by quitting the middle class (I never really fitted in anyway. Monthly payments are far too infrequent for me) you could make me feel like a viable human being again, so it would be well worth your while.

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