Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Update 3 (12/02/10): Now being called for second interview for the second job I'm chasing. Seems that employers can put us job-seekers through hoops in the current market. Ah well, nothing I can do except go for it.

Update 2: Separate interview this morning. Stress levels through the roof, but I think it was a good one, so any crossed appendages would be gratefully received.

Update: I have been successful for the first interview, but now await the date of a second one. Sigh.

So to interview yesterday - first of two in the next couple of days - and it went reasonably well I think. The main thrust seemed to be about why I was attracted to the job, which is something of a move away from the areas I have been working in till now, and I think I managed to put forward some convincing and cogent arguments.

Prior to going in, I was - as is usual for me - thinking that I would just say 'fuck it' and go home, but I took a deep breath, checked my tie in the mirror for about the hundredth time, and strode in. After a brief tour (very interesting facility they have, which - should I prove successful - I'm sure I'll write more about) I was deposited in the room for the scenario test, and despite my imagination concocting all kinds of things from a panel of professionals firing off questions to a full re-enactment of a road traffic accident, a la Casualty, it turned out to be two facilities-type questions to be answered on MS Word in 30 minutes. Again, I think I fared well enough, as I should with more than 20 years' experience in the field, and proceeded to the panel interview. They were not the scariest panel I have ever faced, and I found myself relaxing into the task as I went on, and could see that I was getting some positive responses. No doubt that last sentence will be the jinx which means that I don't get the bloody thing, but we will wait and see. There were, I was told, six candidates to be seen, and a possibility of a second interview to follow. I was also informed that they would feed back their decision quickly. And so I wait.

On the way there, I had an unwanted demonstration of the worst of this city as I sat on a bus at Parliament Square. A man got on and presented a £10 note to the bus driver, which has been a faux pas for at least the last ten years, and was told that only pre-paid tickets or passes could be used within the central zone. Not to be discouraged, the man said he only wanted to travel one or two stops and then he would get off and collect some change from a shop (as there is a Tesco Metro not far from the bus stop, his argument didn't really hold water, but there you go) but the driver was having none of it. By now, the patience of (no doubt) a lady civil servant near the front of the bus had been exhausted and she said, in a raised voice:

"What are you doing? Get a move on!"

The man ignored her and continued his futile negotiation with the driver and so the woman went on: "You're holding everybody up. Get off the bus!" she said. The man turned to us fortunate, seated passengers and waving his tenner, said:

"Has anyone got change?"

Everybody except the woman simply shook their heads and stared at the floor, while she ranted:

"NO! Now get off the bus!"

He realised that he could not go on and stepped out of the warmth of the doorway into the snow and freezing wind. As we moved off, the woman was saying to her companion:

"He was just wasting everybody's time. Ridiculous!" As if it was vitally important for her to get to her meaningless place of employment in Whitehall so that she could whinge about everyone over her coffee. All funded by the taxpayer. I ask you.

Onward and upward, as they say. Preparation for second interview now, which takes place tomorrow morning.


Michael said...

Friendly place, London.

Myeral said...

Blimey, guv. I'll lay odds the crotchety old bag commutes from Surrey.

Michael said...

And simply hates all that rush, rush, rush.

Myeral said...

'Works' from home on Fridays

John Titor said...

Have confidence in your interviews.

Myeral said...

Thank you Mr T. I'm getting enough practice anyway.