Friday, 30 April 2010

Cart or basket

That's the choice. Hellbound we undoubtedly are. By the way, is this the only time we append the word 'hand' to 'cart' and 'basket'? I can't think of any other example, and is 'hand basket' an American term? No doubt I could Google and find out the answer, but sometimes it's better to leave things hanging. Just like the next Parliament. Never before can we have faced such a cluster fuck of a future, never before have we been presented so clearly with a demonstration of how unutterably false, self-serving, bland and vile our elected politicians are. And that's without even thinking about the unelected ones (the most notable of whom walked past me today, as it happens. Surely, Mandy's ascendancy has to be equivalent to Kissinger's Nobel Peace Prize, and at least should be enough to persuade anyone to do a Tom Lehrer?)
I don't blame the televised debates for futher lowering the tone (hardly credible that this should even be possible, I know) but they are without doubt the audio-visual-tastic high definition manifestation of what a fucking waste of time it all is. Clegg, Clegg, Clegg Clegg Clegg; looking directly into the camera; using the first name of the questioner, and the first name of each other when answering; the instant poll results; Charlie Whelan on Twitter. It's all too much for me to take, it really is.

So, not wishing to demean ladies under horses or the struggle for the vote in any form throughout history, I'm afraid you can count on me not to put an X in the box next week. Even if City do manage to pull something off against the Spuds.


R Society said...

Not voting in the election is political correctness gone mad.

e poll said...

How dare you.