Sunday, 6 June 2010


World Cup approaching. The first one about which I will have blogged, as if anyone gave a toss.

Thus far, the world and all its cynicism being what it is, fairly boring. From a football (and humanity) point of view, the injury to Rio is a good thing. Regardless of the persistent injuries and poor form, the man is an out and out cunt. This opinion is in no way partisan either, because his twattishness is entirely independent of his Ragness. Although that obviously doesn't help.

I was disappointed, and a little surprised, about Adam Johnson's exclusion from the squad, and mystified (as ever) by the inclusion of Heskey. There are of course the usual worries about under-performing (or over-emoting) 'superstars' and a premature ejaculation from the tournament.

As far as the tournament goes, well it's not easy to say yet. One could leap on a high horse and lament the drought and starvation on the African Continent amidst the multi million dollar Coke advertising deals, but what would be the point of that? Conversely, one could launch into some maudlin testimony to the basic joy of a few kids kicking a bundle of rags around, as a focal point for the greater benefits the game delivers. But, blah blah blah.

James Corden can fuck off and die. Adebayor on the BBC (wtf???) and Adrian Chiles on ITV. Let's go!


Kim Il-Sung. said...

I give toss! Take my toss in your lovely blogging hands! Of course, it is to an amount of chagrin that Rionardo is to be missing. Any Cornish man would concur! And I consider myself Cornishman after secret visit to World Teacup of 19 and 66! You did not know? Too busy smoking senior service or wanking your dog?
Nevermind. I was there at Airsome Park! Ghoul! We are the champignons!
But now we are back! From outer space! And now look at the look that is on your face!
Why, just watch us and the team that is naught but breasty cups in russian limousines!
How can it fall?

c fastro said...

Comrade senores. Do not heed these ramblings. Everyone's life will change, and not for the better. Cast your bets on the Platignum Stars, who will go through on pens.

Michael said...

Has James Corden ever been funny?

Myeral said...

In a word: no

Colin Wood said...

World Cup Fever lifts the nation and I for one am not taking my meds. Anticipation is rising, unlike the sap, which is pooling around my ankles and spoiling my laces. It is a time for all the family to huddle around the babysitter and pretend to like some berk that we hate for the rest of the year.

Is James Corden that fat bloke?

Michael said...

Yes, the one who had the 'amusing' bust up with Patrick Stewart.

A twat with no redeeming features.

Kim Il-sung said...

I bet Steve Reeves himself is in a tent of hooks for this cornucopia of copa del mundo! But slightly woe, for I hear ghastly news. Did-e-eh? Drogba has injured one of his four knees!

d ata said...

Twats always have some redeeming features. Think enormous clitori for examples.

Fat blokes with thin peni also make for interesting love games on crazy bald heads.