Thursday, 18 November 2010

Not much to shout about

Blah blah. Andy Carroll. Blah blah. Kieran Gibbs. Yet again, an England performance to be ashamed of. That Steven Gerrard should once more be the only man we can rely on is little short of scandalous. That the French, in such hilarious disarray during that awful summer in SA, should play us off the park is dire indeed, but not surprising.

I was a little mean about Carroll on Twitter during the match, but that was only because a certain Geordie I know from the intarwebs wound me up with a taunt about the astounding waste of money evident in the presence of those from the Man City squad. He had a point, which is why it stung a little, but having said that, Richards had a decent-ish game. I hope this is a continuation of a welcome return to form for him, but we will have to wait and see as we approach the hard slog to the festive season. There isn't much more to say about England (Crouch had a nice touch to score - let's hope he continues to not replicate his good national form in a Spurs shirt) so I'll continue and finish this brief missive on the City theme.

I bumped into a local (to North London) City-supporting mate on the bus yesterday.

"What's going on up there?" I asked, nodding my head in the notional direction of Eastlands, whilst somehow shaking it in disgust at the same time.
"There's only one thing to do," he replied
"What's that?"
"Buy more players! And why? Because we can!"

He threw back his head and laughed, exposing his filled teeth, and I could only join in.


Michael said...

That wasn't me, was it?
If so, let it be known I've always liked Shay Given. And Joe Hart.

Back in the title race after this afternoon? Not that there's much racing going on just now.

Myeral said...

It may have been you. Hart & Given - is that it? I like Barton

Michael said...

You've sold everyone else.
To be honest, I find it incredibly hard to look past that massive bell-end you have as Chief Executive.
Next time I'll only slag off Bridge and Lescott. Have never met a City fan who likes either.

Unless you're the first?

Myeral said...

I couldn't agree more with the Garry Cook comment. Please feel free to slag off whom you wish - it's all in the spirit of open debate. And no, I'm not a fan of either Bridge or Lescott.