Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tiger fffuuuuuuu

Thanks to Masters of Photography for this one.

I was surprised to hear from Gideon on the radio this morning that we (the UK, that is) export more to Ireland than we do to Brazil, Greenland, Burkina Faso and New Caledonia (or something like that) put together. I still find it difficult to understand why nobody can foresee these crises until it’s too late. We’re clever people, with very fast computers, and yet we seem to fall prey to one financial disaster after another, stumbling forward like Stone Age men into a bog. Looks like it will be a fine festive season in the Emerald Isle this year. The Celtic Tiger will be chopped up and – somewhat fittingly in the land of poets – its rather mangy flesh and brittle bones will be used in place of peat to fuel the meagre cottage fires of the peasants.

And to James Joyce Biography for this one.

What this all means for the rest of us is really anyone’s guess, isn’t it? Across the sea, one of the old havens of emigrating Paddies is lurching from one cash injection to the next, while its counterpart down under is slowly but surely catching up with the rest of the world and realising that the boom won’t last forever. The Eurozone is staggering under the virtual weight of yet another sovereign debt crisis, fearful of the ‘contagion’ which is our modern day leprosy – a disease which disfigures those who catch it – marking them out as unclean, or downgraded several notches by Standard & Poor’s.

In the Far East, while the two Koreas begin to slug it out again, Japan somehow keeps going, perhaps saved by its proximity to the mighty Chinese kraken, stirring from its rice paddy (maybe China could be another emigration option?) slumber to emerge blinging into the car-owning light. Having just somehow squirmed my way into my first ‘permanent’ role in over 3 years, I can see it all crashing spectacularly down, if not before Christmas, then certainly in the 3 months after it. Here, with the correct number of letters (full version) is the 4Chan summary of the situation:



Michael said...

We certainly managed to export our banking practices over the Irish Sea. Strangely, Gideon's "good neighbour" blather didn't make reference to the fact our banks are fucked if Ireland goes under.

Myeral said...

It's all right. He's going to sell those shares Gordon and Alastair bought and make a killing. Then there's the VAT...