Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Long Walk

Feeling as though I've been stumbling through the Cursed Earth over the past few days, plagued by a terrible cough which just won't go away, I think I am about ready to hand in my Judge badge and turn away from the Law once and for all. Still the wretched cough hacks at me, over one week after I came down with it, and the wind blows impotently against the blackened piles of snow lining the roads while that fucking Mariah Carey song comes on again in some shop or other. The chances are that I'll pick up the paper in the morning and read that some great actor has passed away.

But then - it's just Xmas after all. Building up and building up like some poisonous boil beneath the skin, only to be lanced in a moment, sometime after 3 o'clock. It has been a filmic few days (selected highlights: Avatar [8/10]; Where The Wild Things Are [5/10]; Megamind [7/10]) if truth be told, with my out-and-about-ness severely curtailed by family visits, this cough and the persistently awful weather. I have rated above a selection of the movies I've watched recently, and was most surprised by Avatar, which I've resisted since it came out. It was a highly watchable romp with a good message and some interesting pseudo-science. Where The Wild Things Are was an intriguing experiment from some very thin source material, but it wasn't really ho-ho-ho fare.  At the cinema, Megamind was good for a laugh and had a little bit of depth in exploring the concept of good and evil in a more mature fashion than many 'adult' films.

That's 399 posts completed since I started this thing, and only one more to go for 2010.

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