Monday, 31 January 2011

Breaking the silence

A contemporary of mine (perhaps just a little older - enough to make a difference in any case) said recently that we are the last blessed generation. We are like characters in one of Michael Moorcock's loucher novels cavorting in the final embers of the universe. The husk of a world we will leave to our succeeding generations will never provide the sustenance we have been priveleged enough to suckle, and they will be forced to pay off the debts (financial, environmental, emotional - you name it...) we so recklessly ran up. Though I've always thought he was a bit of a twat, I thought he was on to something there.

Just to let you all know that I haven't lost faith, and in order to complete a post before January is out - here I am. In the words of the reverend Jim Kerr - alive and kicking. Well, alive anyway. Forgive me for the hackneyed device which is about to follow, but I'm still strapped for time and this will be the best I can do in the circumstances. The main reason for the lack of activity on here is due to flogging a dead horse work commitments as I gasp in incredulity at the farcical processes and pathetic point scoring and back-biting discover collaborative working and begin to understand the organisation a little better every day. We have been given a completely unachievable challenging deadline for implementation of a new computer system as well as transferring in a function which is currently carried out by contractors and I have been involved in beating people with a stick various meetings where the will to live slowly seeps out through your veins to establish how this is done.

I also attended a three day training course in order to become a super user of this new computer system last week, and though it would have been theoretically possible (this system is a web based one, and pretty impressive if you're in any way interested in CAFM. And I won't hold it against you if you're not into CAFM, by the way) to have written a blog whilst listening to the trainer, I was sitting at the front of the class and my monitor screen was facing back towards everyone, so this would not have made the best impression on those who work with (and in some cases report to) me. Now I feel totally bewildered by the options before me, unsure which task to carry out next and not hugely motivated to carry out any of them, so I thought that a quick blog post would be very much the order of the day. This too will pass, and I will I'm sure look back with something approaching good humour to these dark days soon.


Myeral said...

Thank you. Sadly, we have not yet advanced to allowing even medicinal use of cannabis in England, but as soon as we do, I will take details of some of your recipes.

Paul Pincea'velo said...

Ou a fin du monde where some in error believe apes evolved from men? Do not you think you would be on top of your class of computation if you had longer arms and slept in a nest of fronds?

Myeral said...

A frondy nest does seem attractive, yes.