Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fiddling About


The end of another decade. Happy new one.

Having almost recovered from my illness (the worst I've had for many a year) and whilst hallucinating powerfully in my sleep (think epic 2 hour dream timescales involving spiking Xeni Jardin's vegan noodle soup with parmesan cheese and my mum being arrested for trying to break into a Government building, to worrying about the mess a dead goose leaves if not cleaned off the carpet quickly enough, and you will see what I mean) due to the intake of Champix I have been fiddling about with the layout of this thing. Hope you like it.

I was concerned that things were getting a little stale and that I was almost being held to ransom by my own creation, so I am actively considering which direction to take. Any suggestions gratefully received.

In the meantime, City till I die of course, and things are looking good for 2011 in that regard, despite our inability to put more than one past Holloway's corsairs. I just can't believe that that twat Neville got away with murder again yesterday, and shurely there must be shome jushtice somewhere in the world. Onward to the Emirates for the first real test we'll have faced for quite a few weeks.


Michael said...

First Stoke and now this. Has Neville been given immunity from referees in recompense for the fact he's now no better at right back than Glen Johnson?

Myeral said...

I long ago gave up trying to fathom the enigma that is Gary Neville. Good win for your boys yesterday, but that Tiote wouldn't last long up the Bigg Market on a Saturday neet, would he?