Wednesday, 30 March 2011

England Man City

I watched the friendly match between England and Ghana. I may not have been observing the same match as the one evidently laid before Clive and Andy on ITV1, mind (though I confess I only saw the Carroll goal on replay). They were both continually repeating that it was a great game, and an excellent advert for friendly matches, yet I really couldn't see it. Downing was made man of the match, but he looked shit to me, and almost every touch by one of the many City players on the field was either a cynical foul or a misplaced pass. Utter dross if you ask me, and not particularly heartening for the tense end of the season which is fast approaching. With the exception of Milner (who put his all into it at least) and Hart (who had very little to occupy him) I was kind of embarrassed by the performances of our players.

The fact of Gyan playing so well and getting that late equaliser does not bode well either.

Here are my player ratings:

Hart        6 (not too much to do)
Johnson  6 (seemed OK)
Lescott   4 (too many late and desperate challenges as always)
Cahill      6 (who?)
Jagielka   6 (not bad)
Baines     6 (should be Welsh with a name like that)
Milner     7 (good heart and energy compensating for his talent shortfall)
Barry      5 (not captain material - exposed a few times and quite niggly in the tackle)
Wilshere 5 (fell below the fairly high standard he has been setting of late)
Jarvis      5 (I prefer Martin Jarvis)
Downing 5 (I'm prejudiced)
Carroll    4 (see above - he's just a big donkey. Get him out!)
Defoe     4 (didn't see much of him)
Young     6 (good, but faded)
Welbeck 4 (Rag wanker)

So there you have it. My considered opinion of the cream of Capello's crop. Even he thought it was a good game, so I must be going mad.


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