Monday, 30 May 2011

Coming soon

Now that the season's (all but - I've been looking at the giant UEFA balls in Trafalgar Square on my way to work every morning) over, my own very limited and short-lived purple patch is also drawing to a close. Let me explain. This blog has been chugging along with an audience of very few for the past three or four years, and I have been happy enough with that. Most of the time, I am like Rachel, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, although with the odd (very odd) amusing exchange here and there. Like most people though, I'm fairly vain and check the counter every day to see how many views I have had, before proceeding to my Clustr Map page to see where in the world people are reading it (this is usually followed by a check on my Flickr stats). I was getting an average of about 10-12 hits per day until around 6 weeks ago, when suddenly there was an explosion (relatively speaking, of course) and I was getting nearly 30 per day. This went on for about a month, and I have no idea what caused the sudden bubble, but it has now burst again. The previous 24 hours saw a measly three hits. And one of those was me!

So, as I said, with the football season at an end, it's time to get off topic. This blog is no stranger to guest writers, and I am planning a little something for the month of June, which will I hope blow some fresh air through here. I have no idea what may be written about, or in what style, but I am sure it will be an enlightening journey for all of us. I will say no more for now, knowing as I do how to create a sense of tension and draw you all - Dickens-like - into my web.

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