Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Super fast

Surprising thrashing of Wolves in the week, with the fixture (kind of) reversed for Saturday, and a harder fought battle. Tevez fully supported by his union (didn't Gordon Taylor sound like a geek on the radio the other day?) with his punishment reduced by their sterling efforts on his behalf. I'm all for unions (as I may have said before) but the modern footballer - certainly in the higher echelons - is surely one of the least deserving of all workers for union support? Maybe I'm wrong, and we would, by removing the protection from Carlos (why can't he just say sorry?) et al, be opening a can of worms which would spew their noxious guts all over the poor bastards who turn up for Wrexham week in week out? Who knows? Anyway, the sheikh has agreed to pay Mancini's legal bills out of his own pocket, and Bobby himself I believe has signed, or is about to sign, a new four year, £22million contract. Good for him, I suppose.

In the real world, the economy is worse than that bus at the end of The Italian Job, teetering over a precipitous drop while Merkel and Sarkozy do their Michael Caine impressions and tell Lord Snooty to shut up, piss off, die horribly, etc. As we watch the bullion swinging back and forth over the cliff, the pay of FTSE executives has increased by 49 fucking %!

And there really is surprise over the fact that people are putting up tents all over the place? For fuck's sake! There is no sanity. Linked to this crazy bullshit, almost the entire hierarchy of the Church of England has resigned over the tents outside St. Paul's cathedral. Looking towards the Archbishop of Canterbury for leadership has been - unsurprisingly - rather a waste of time, but this whole episode has started what could be an extremely interesting dialectic about the role of the church in political life, and could even forge a strange new alliance between the anarchists and the men of god. Let's see.

Anyway, it seems there's enough dosh in the Abu Dhabi kitty to finance a flight to Spain for the boys, and let's hope we can do something to stay in touch in Europe.

I think it will be a tough call, and fear a draw at best. At least it's on ITV1.

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