Friday, 23 December 2011

Drag out the Dickens

One more quick blast while I sit here waiting for the right time to leave the office.

As Christmas draws ever closer, I wonder what David Cameron will be doing on the big day? No doubt (as this is now as traditional as sprouts and the Queen's speech) he will need to be photographed visiting church with his wife and kids. Doubtless Nick Clegg will have to do the same with the lovely Miriam. Much as I loath the whole lot of the bastards, you have to admire the sheer bloody-mindedness of those who choose the path of power. There can be extremely few moments of genuine down time when they can pick their noses or scratch their arses without being photographed or written about. I suppose though that a few years of such intrusion is worth the effort for the enormous payoff that results at the end of it.

Will it be back to Number 10 for a spot of turkey and stuffing for the Cams? Or will he be huddled over his boxes, picking up the phone to Osborne and Obama, monitoring the secure emails (I'm assuming that telegrams are no longer in use, though the FCO were still using them while I was at Defra just a couple of  years back) flying around about Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea... Or will he pay a visit to some Mother's Union meeting in Witney - another photo opportunity to be flickered on to the nation's TV screens at 5.30, just before the Celebrity Come Dancing special?

Whatever it is he's up to, I'm sure he and his cronies have got plenty up their sleeves for us all in 2012, and it is with bated breath that we await his pronouncements. God rest ye merry gentlemen. Let nothing ye dismay.

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