Monday, 19 March 2012

The Blues

Well, quite a shock with Fabrice Muamba. It set me to remembering Marc Vivien Foé, a sudden and tragic death on the pitch during the reign of Keegan (though of course he was playing for Cameroon when he died) as a result of heart failure. I can't imagine how it must be to experience such an event as a spectator or player, but I'm sure it sears the day into your memory. I hope that Muamba recovers.

Now, as we all know, the show must go on. Wolves though didn't seem to think so yesterday, getting tonked 5-0 at home by the Rags in yet another shameful capitulation. They should never have got rid of the wonderful Mick McCarthy, I say. Things are definitely not looking so bright now for the City side of Manchester, and I have serious doubts that we will be able to catch the Rag fuckers up - Tevez or no Tevez. It seems to me that our biggest worries are once again at the back (though Silva's perhaps understandable dip in form after such a mercurial start to the season is also playing a part) rather than the front, and I fear for the result on Wednesday night, despite some of our recent successes against Chelsea.

As we used to say in school - first the worst, second the best, but that was from a place of some desperation as we struggled across the finishing line just ahead of the boys who liked Physics lessons and watching butterflies. So, Bobby's coming across a bit lame to say the least, saying once again that he had made a mistake in underestimating Sporting, just as he did when we lost to the Toffees a few weeks back. Come on son, sort it out! At least there was some spirit in the fightback against the Portuguese the other night, and I suppose you can't ask for much more than that. Also helpful that Bilbao (fans as well as players) showed United how it should be done, and absolutely humiliated them.

I will stick to my guns and maintain that losing a good match is preferable to winning a dull one in the cosmic balance of football karma, but I can't hide at least a little disappointment at the fact that (it at least looks as if) it will be the Rags that pip us to the post again. I have to agree with whichever football writer (Andy Dunn, I think, read in a café copy of the Sun, in case you were thinking I may have bought one) who was sure that Bobby's services would be dispensed with should we finish runners-up, the patience of the Sheikhs predicted to be used up by that point. Mourinho, tired of banking his £10,000,000 a year from Real Madrid, might consider bringing his talents to Eastlands, and in any case we'll win the lot next year. Won't we?

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