Wednesday, 7 March 2012


In a weekend of cinnamon challenges, there were such high hopes for the men of Tottenham, and such a disappointment when it came to the (cinnamon) crunch. We did what we needed to do (and not much more, I admit, but - as Bobby said - what can you expect on a couple of hours' kip?) against another lame bunch, this time the Trotters. Positives - Pizzarro; Adam Johnson finding a bit of form; the fact that we can win without Kun or Merlin; refreshing attacking flair but (a little) more solidity at the back.

All we needed was a bit of spunk at White Hart Lane. Alas, it was not to be. Is Harry's head turned by the lure of England's Polish prefab? If not, are the players victims of Fergie's mind games, so believing it even though it isn't true? We'll never know, but despite a bright start and some decent pressure, Spurs never really looked threatening enough in front of goal.

A great deal of the talk I hear from City fans shows a kind of desperation for us to win. I read in the very authentic King of the Kippax about the disappointment over Liverpool winning the Carling Cup, which means that, with a place in Europe, they will have money to invest in new talent. This in turn will mean that they could be more of a threat to us next season in our quest for global dominance. I must admit that I find it hard to identify with this. Although I of course would love us to win the Premier League, winning everything is not my primary concern, and I certainly don't hope for a league as bad as (say) the Scottish one - now that Rangers are dead and buried - and now that there really is only one serious challenger for any honours. After all, where's the interest in that? Frustrating as it may be to schlep up to the Britannia stadium on a bleak Tuesday in February and lose by a single goal, when we feel as if we should be mixing it with the Catalans, that really is what the game is all about.

But if I start ranting about everything that's wrong with the game (Scholes, Henry - are there no young players coming through? Stupid short-sightedness and the sacking of managers after only a couple of games. England going in to a European Championship with no manager and no captain - the former having been sacked for backing the latter!) I don't know when I might stop. On we go then. Every game a must win, and whispers - now that our list of favourable fixtures is coming to an end, and with United's run-in now appearing far more manageable - that it will all come down to the derby game. I dread to think, I really do.

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