Monday, 16 April 2012

Let's not fall out

I write preparing to hold a meeting about someone's attendance at work. Without going into too much detail, the guy is trying to claim that he suffered an industrial injury because he was bitten by insects while in the office. He signed himself off sick for 5 days as a result of the bites after sending a lengthy email, complete with pictures of his bites and a pasted section from Wikipedia about mites. Needless to say, his TU rep has also become involved. His immediate line manager, two steps below me in the hierarchy, and incidentally a Union rep himself to boot, allowed the guy's claim of industrial injury to be entered on his return to work form. This of course caused some consternation higher up the tree (I was out of the office when all of this happened) and now I have been asked to sort it out. The guy is, shall we say, somewhat eccentric, so I really don't know what will happen at the meeting. I heard that he hopes we won't fall out over the issue. I've said before that I'm generally supportive of trades unions, but I've also said before that some people take the piss. I'll leave it to you to decide which side of the fence this particular issue sits on.

There is a parallel between the attendance issues here and the record of one Carlos Tevez, who has made a remarkable return to the City first team in the last couple of weeks. In the absence of Balotelli, Carlos will of course always attract headlines, and you have to say that a hat-trick's a hat-trick. However, yet again, the mighty Kun put on a display at Carrow Road of which any football fan would be proud - limited opposition notwithstanding. He is a truly talented and exciting player, and will be getting my vote for Etihad Player of the Year. Chris Foy, if it needs to be said again, is an absolute word now likely to lead to prosecution on Twitter.

Bobby is getting it right with his avowal that it is impossible for us to win it, expecially with Ashley Young performing Swan Lake at every opportunity, and opposition as limp and listless as the Villans up agin the fucking Rags. Just a shame that pissing Rio Ferdinand looks unlikely to have his words rammed down his smug throat come season's end. Ah well.

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