Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hold Fast

Well, my prediction of a low scoring match was absolutely correct. The watching galaxy of stars, from Diego to Liam to Thaksin, were not treated to a night of stellar entertainment, but a win is most certainly a win - especially at such a crucial time of the season. Some nerves on the part of City, and a (largely) very poor display from the Rags were major contributors to the way that the game played out. I was amazed at Bacon Face's team selection, which was negative in the extreme, and left pube head Shrek with few options up front on his own. Aww, shame.

Barring the odd scare in the box (high balls swung into the area always seem to cause chaos in the City back line, although we are starting to defend better) there was very little showing from them and, not having yet read a match report to verify, I cannot recall a shot on our goal. Park was a bad choice, even if he had been match fit, and Jones, Smalling and Evra were decidedly average. Nani was just shit, and amen to that. Of course, there's always playing the averages, and I'm convinced that Fergie was definitely thinking of damage limitation when he set out his team, aware that we are still to play the surging (bar the Latics hiccup) Geordies and Sparky's losers, while he gets to stroll in the park against the Taffs and the Mackems.

Highlight of the match, apart from Vinnie's goal of course, was the shout-off between Fergie and Bobby. I definitely lip read the word 'tosser' from him, although of course there was a lot more said through the massive wad of Extra gum in his gob. Hilarious.

So it's on to another nerve shredder at the weekend. Alan Pardew's face will haunt my dreams till that one's over, and then there's a wait for the Rag result to see how this drama will continue to unfold. To be honest, I have warmed a little towards Pards since he took over at Sports Direct and some good words from him about poverty and the love of the game in the North East were a major contributor to that. Along with Cisse and Ba and all the other cut-price geniuses the club have managed to entice in, and despite the odious Ashley. After this glowing appraisal, have I done enough to appease the gods of fortune and avoided any jinxes? Hope so.

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