Thursday, 17 May 2012

Living is Easy

Well now that's out of the way, it's on to the summer, such as it is.

Euro 2012. No Euro in 2012. Who can tell?

A debate on 5 Live the other day focused on the lack of interest in England's tilt at the European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine this time around. As ever, all thoughtful comment was edited out, only to be replaced with the dimwitted foghorning of some idiot who was 100% sure that there was 'plenty of money about' and that the poor showing was all down to the incompetence of the FA. I'm no fan of the gentlemen from Lancaster Gate, don't get me wrong, and there are many things relating to the decline in the game in this country which I would squarely lay at their door. However, the fact that your average (insane, surely? I mean, where do they get their money from?) travelling England supporter is less likely to fork out thousands of pounds for a ticket to the latest circus is not one of them. More importantly, will there even be any sort of infrastructure left in Europe by the time the damn tournament comes round anyway?

That said, what are my thoughts on Roy's team selection? Ferdinand is no surprise - perhaps a mixture of pusillanimity over the racism issue (a disgrace) and pragmatism due to the fact that he's well and truly past it. Terry is also past it, and is - at the very least - a thug, so I find it hard to condone his inclusion in the squad. Richards' exclusion is difficult to fathom perhaps. Although he has been something of a second choice at City in the latter part of the season, he is still among the quickest and most powerful defenders in an admittedly strong field of defenders.

It's up front where I think we will struggle. Carroll. Defoe. Welbeck. Pube Head. Nuff said.

Ah well. This blog reaches its 5th birthday towards the end of June, and my avowed intent is still to reach 500 posts by then. I will need some help to do that, and am hopeful that there will be some guest bloggers on here in the coming days to help me out.

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