Monday, 25 June 2012

The Cold 500

To the minute, it is 5 years since I started this blog adventure. This is my 500th post. Incidentally, I have also tweeted 5,000 times. So that's the housekeeping done. I had hoped to mark the occasion with a celebration (win or lose) of the England team's adventure in Eastern Europe, but no.

Not with a bang then. It could have been so different, and for a spell of about 10 minutes early in the first half, I'm sure we all dared to dream. But then England depressingly, predictably, reverted to type. Or tripe. Pube Head was clearly struggling, and had contributed precious little to the cause, and yet he was kept on. Politics, and the big name syndrome won the day yet again. None of the players really covered themselves in glory, but surely it would have been better to have kept Welbeck on and taken Rooney off instead? Surely?

Perhaps, but who knows what goes on in these situations? Once more, England have shown that they cannot perform the most basic elements of the game; cannot pass or retain possession; cannot apply presuure to another team, allowing them to range forward at will. And of course they have shown that they cannot take penalties. So it's all over. Again. On the road to Rio with our tails between our legs and the search for the magic formula. Still think that Germany have the ingredients to win the thing, but we'll see.

With luck and a following wind, in another 5 years I'm sure I'll be writing the same depressing torrent of bilge about our national squad. God bless em.

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