Monday, 25 June 2012


With startling chutzpah (given that he is still under the Leveson microscope) Cameron releases a Sunday statement about the 'something for nothing' culture in our society, and issues dark threats about the removal of housing benefit for those under the age of 25. It is obvious to all that this is a continuation of the cut cut cut agenda currently in place, and - as so many in the Graun have been saying - we've only really seen the beginning of it. We are not yet, despite the best efforts of the ruling elite, and I'm sure many young people would take exception, quite in the same handcart as Greece or Spain, but it won't be long now before th dogma of austerity destroys the last vestiges of hope.

There is no recognition of the fact that there are no jobs, no attempt to address some of the root causes of the problems faced by so much of Europe, such as:

the appalling lack of affordable housing while properties lie empty; the ridiculously inflated value of property in the first place; the fact that the real beneficaries of the HB payments are private landlords; the truth that most people claiming HB are in work, and are clearly not being paid a wage to enable them to live a decent life. None of that. Just another dig at the feckless poor, another petty grab for the resources of those who already have the least to give, straight out of the mouth of a privileged, born into riches millionaire who spends his days allocating jobs for the boys.

I feel mightily sick to my stomach.

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