Friday, 8 June 2012


Less than an hour to go and I must admit that I am at last getting a little bit excited.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that this is one of the most low-key championships they can remember. My friends aren't feeling it; people at work aren't feeling it; and I wasn't feeling it either, until I realised this morning that there is daily football on for the next couple of weeks.

It is of course the Tournament of Racism. England are not alone in being embroiled in this (though many of the 3 Lions' problems arise from their own mealy-mouthed political pusillanimity). I think the management could have nipped this issue in the bud by simply leaving Terry out of the squad as well as Ferdinand. There is too much reverence for the dead eyed little shit if you ask me, and I think we could get along just as well without him. I only hope that the Polish and Ukrainian skinheads don't do some serious physical damage to anyone, and it will be a nice change for the England fans not to be the biggest bunch of racist yobs at a major tournament.

There are some juicy games coming up, which I hope will exorcise the ghosts of the terrible World Cup in South Africa, and I have made my own wallchart just in time. My prediction: Germany...

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