Wednesday, 6 June 2012


As you may be aware (and if you're not - pay attention!I have a Flickr account.

I am strictly amateur, and use the site mostly to capture pics of my loved ones. However, I do occasionally also record 'social history' in the shape of streets, shops, houses, etc. as they are. It's amazing how things can change without us realising it, and then we are suddenly looking at a place that we no longer recognise.

Trefonen Road

One such picture is 'Trefonen Road' and it is a wholly unremarkable shot (I'm sure you will agree) of a few windows in Morda, with the street sign clearly visible. It was shot from outside the Miners Arms (Drill, as was) and was taken with a partly sly attitude, serving as a commentary on how dead the area is. Truth be told, there really is bugger all in Morda. The aforementioned pub doesn't open every night; there is a 'social club' next to the football ground, and then there was the shop.

But, as I would guess with most people, vanity is one of the main drivers for my browsing activity, and I was stunned to see that there were over 500 views of my Flickr pictures during a single day one week not so long ago. One of these was my shot 'Trefonen Road' and - looking a little more deeply - I saw that the picture had been used on a travel website, which for some reason provided people with information about the village of Trefonen.

My original description read - 'Morda's only shop. Now closed down' but I felt so bad for the people of the area that I had to change it, and so it says 'Now that this photo has 'gone viral' I feel I should report that the shop is either now open or will be very soon. Happy days!' I believe this to be true

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