Saturday, 15 September 2012


Well, the Hillsborough drama continues, eagerly watched, and yet we all must move on to the next fixture. Before the Bernabeu trip next week, we have the little matter of sodding Stoke away again. I'm never comfortable with the trip up there, and it's always a tough assignment. I have a recurring daymare of Michael Owen scoring against us, and keep remembering that Crouch volley from last season with a shudder. The Graun is wondering whether Bobby will rest Yaya and others for the Champions League game, and whether he will pay the price if he does. Frankly, it's a match I could do without, especially at this time, but that is not an option. I'm hopeful of a 2-0 victory, and it will be nice to see some of the new buys get a run, but I fear a low scoring draw or worse.

As for the Madrid match, sorry to say that I'm not overly optimistic about that one either. They always look very strong, even though as a Barca fan when it comes to the Iberian peninsula I hate them, and Mourinho (you have to say) knows what he's doing. Perhaps that little twat Ronaldo really is unhappy there, and won't be arsed playing at his best, but I'm not holding my breath. Ag├╝ero is on his way back, and didn't play for the Argies even though he went out with them, so where there's Kun there's hope. Word is that he will be back in the team in time for the Champions League tie.

It was difficult to guage from the England games what sort of form our players are in. Hart is giving me a bit of the collywobbles, though he wasn't terrible. He seems to be making some strange decisions when it comes to crosses. Milner was I thought one of the better players for England against the Ukraine, but it was hardly a scintillating team performance. The one positive was that Cleverly was so utterly shite (I stand by my pre-season prediction that Arsenal will do better than the Rags this season) even if I'm not sure where that leaves us in World Cup terms. Up shit creek, I suppose.

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