Sunday, 15 July 2007


3121: 21 Nights in London with PRINCE

So of course I had to join the fray. I (wholly against my principles) got my Planet Earth album today from the MoS. It was a no-brainer really though, wasn't it? I'm even mug enough to do some marketing for him. And why? Because, like any right-minded person, I love him. This is one guy I would answer the door to, even if I could see his copy of the Watchtower in his hand.

It's playing as I write this, and first hearing of most tracks, so it's far too early to make a judgment. So far so good, suffice to say, and there's a good deal of promise in the titles yet to come - such as Lion of Judah and Revelation. Sure to have something interesting in there. Future Baby Mama is edging its way in.

And now, in the best traditions of British tabloid journalism, I'm launching my own poll. It will be open for two weeks, and I'll be counting the votes at the end.

Planet Earth. Hot? Or Whatever?

You decide!


ngadef said...

I missed prince as I was not listening to music at the time he came out so.............

Anonymous said...

How can you not listen to music? Roasting in Norther Spain