Sunday, 22 July 2007

Elvis in Paradise

To Paradise Park this weekend for a 'fun day for all the family' in a Barnsbury style-ee.

As we were sheltering from the rain, dipping doughnuts in hot chocolate, an Elvis impersonator stood up and started to sing. He seemed taken with the idea of being filmed, and asked me if he sounded good after he had finished with a frightening earnestness.

There was a gang of local kids mercilessly ripping the piss out of him, and they kept yelling:

"Put it on YouTube! Put it on YouTube!"

The malice in them was tangible, and they persistently messed up his amp and pulled out the plug. I thought them cruel and heartless, and I felt as if I would be participating in a form of happy slapping if I did as they asked. Nevertheless. Put your head on the side when you watch it. Sorry.

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